“When bringing a contractor on board to tell your story, you hope that they will embrace your organization’s ideals and become an integral part of the team. Erin did just that. Our sole historical writer for UT Southwestern’s 75th anniversary, Erin dove into the treasure trove of archives, department files, interviewing employees and faculty members to get to the heart of UT Southwestern. No one could have done it better. She met crazy deadlines and provided beautiful copy that will be valuable well into our next milestone anniversary.” ~Diane McGhee, Interim Assistant Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs

“Erin is one of the most creative people I’ve worked with in my career. She also is incredibly bright, driven, savvy, passionate and clever. A gifted storyteller, Erin transforms black and white work into color. To this day when I need inspiration, I call Erin.” ~Kyla Martin, Principal at Kyla Martin Consulting 

“I didn’t even know where to begin when asked to write a piece for a children’s magazine. Erin was able to develop what I wanted to say in words I never could have come up with. I really appreciate her thoughtful and descriptive writing and will be able to use the piece in many of my business materials.” ~Mandy McGeath, Owner Mandy McGeath Photography

“I had the pleasure of working with Erin on a recently completed book chronicling the 60 year history of the Department of Radiology at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Quite simply, this project would not have succeeded without Erin’s efforts. She is a brilliant writer and researcher, always hits her deadlines, and, as an investigative journalist, uncovered much content that was previously unknown or unaware to those in the department. She is pleasant to work with, has a great attitude, and is always responsive to questions or requests. She conducted dozens of interviews for this project, and her professionalism can always be counted on. I would absolutely work with Erin again if the opportunity arose.” ~Glenn Katz, Manager, Medical Illustrations, Dept. of Radiology, UT Southwestern Medical Center

“Erin’s warm and vivid language brought us and our story to life. She produced a thoughtful piece that really moved beyond simply describing a new business offering to describing how a dream grew into a reality. She made us memorable and we’ll always be grateful for the crucial boost her article provided our small business in its infancy. Three years later, we have not only weathered a tough economy but managed to grow by adding another location and more than tripling our staff. Articles like the one Erin wrote about us have been central to our success and growth.” ~Lisa McQueen and Wendy Pursch, Owners of Embellish Nails & Boutique

“As a finalist on HGTV’s Design Star series, I had to be ready to answer some tough questions during interviews and to handle the public relations aspect after the show was aired. Thanks to Erin’s expert advice, guidance and training in these areas, I felt well prepared to handle myself effectively whether it was during an on-camera or phone interview, or answering questions for a newspaper article or blog. Not only is she very thoughtful, proactive, and went above and beyond expectations for the media outreach, she is someone who genuinely cares about helping you achieve your goals.” ~Jany Lee, Owner Jany Lee Design

“Erin is an excellent writer and a consummate communications professional. She works extremely well under pressure, produces mountains of copy for all our publications and does a great job tailoring her pitches to specific individuals. Erin has embraced new media and uses it to her full advantage to promote the work of not only her own individual clients, but the institution as a whole.” ~Kristen Holland Shear, Manager, Web Editorial/Social Media, UT Southwestern Medical Center

“Erin wrote a truly insightful profile piece on me that appeared in Austin Woman magazine. I have used it countless times in promotional materials and it has been extremely helpful because it was so well written in a meaty but engaging style.” ~Anne Kennedy, Associate Broker at McGuire Real Estate

“This article found in Texas Medicine magazine confronts a critical issue among today’s health practitioners in an upfront and resourceful manner. Writer Erin Prather calls attention to the shortage of psychiatrists in Texas drawing from the experience of physicians who have patients with mental health problems and presenting statistical evidence. Not only does the article reveal the gap in mental health treatment, but it offers a solution that is preventative, rather than responsive. Judges noted that the information is educational, even for professionals. It provides proactive answers that are relatable to the public as well as practitioners.” ~Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities